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The Isle of Westland Railway

It's better by train.......


Roundhouse Argyle class - 'Tamacandy'.

I rate this as about my best model to date from Roundhouse from the point of view of haulage.  Detail and a crew has been added. I did have a problem with the lack of swing on the rear coupling causing stock coupled behind to derail but have overcome this by remounting the coupling in a form that allows some sideways movement. This loco has covered more miles running than any other both on the line and elsewhere. Roundhouse have just announced an updated version of the model.

Roundhouse Jack class with added tender.

I bought secondhand this and it is , apparently,one of a very small Garden Railway Specialists  'one -off' batch of 0-4-2 locos. 

It carries a builder's plate from GRS on the back of the tender showing a date of 1992.  The tender has been rebuilt , the loco detailed and weathered.

The cylinders are obviously Roundhouse but the rest looks like GRS manufacter. the tender is a plastic standard G scale possibly Bachman and originaly the loco was set to 45mm gauge. I have heavily rebuilt the tender body and altered the original 6 wheel set up, which was very difficult to place on the track,  to 4 wheeled ..................although looking at it you cannot tell that the centre axleboxes are unused.

A good looking loco to my eye, but adhesion and hauling power are limited by only having 4 driving wheels.

Newly arrived no 4 which is a Roundhouse Karen.

Two old soldiers. More to follow on these Roundhouse Alco and Accucraft Baldwin locos.

Battery powered model of Alice built by Brian Stubbs. 

Acquired from the 2nd hand stall at a show I know little about this battery loco but is looks good and runs well.

Built by Roger Hine who originally owned Friog models (now taken over by Essel engineering) this is a model of the loco based at the Bala Lake Railway.

 I get to drive the full sized one so the chance to acquire a second hand model could not be resisted! I have added cab detail and a driver ( which my wife says looks like me ). Radio control is by the Spectrum system and a Brian Jones Mac 5 unit which is fantastic and gives faultless control.

Accucraft 'Viking'. 

This has been regauged. Under the bonnet now is a 19 volt battery pack plus a Brian Jones 'Funkey' soundcard and speaker.

Between the frames is room for a Spectrum receiver plus Brian Jones Mac 5 controller. The lights are now operated via a switch inside the cab (the doors open).

As I am a Kentish Man born and bred, and as Wessex defeated the Vikings, then the name ' Saxon' seems appropriate. Nameplates for this have been ordered from Alan Briggs.

On buying one of the first batch of Accucraft diesels the motor and plastic gearing looked rather fragile and the running was disappointing. 

The loco was put to one side but I talked the problem over with Roger Hine of Friog Railway Services and he has fitted a replacement chassis. ..............see...............

 This has transformed the loco into about the best on the line. It is controlled by a Brian Jones Mac 5 and sound unit via a Spektrum receiver.   

Another second hand buy this is not the standard Roundhouse 'Russell'. it has been built up from Roundhouse parts but notice the shorter dimensions of the footplate at the front. A good runner and I have not the heart to repaint it in the standard IOW black so have concocted a story that it is owned by one of the company directors and leased to the railway.

A brass model bought secondhand.

A JD Models diesel. Plasticard body. The loco dates back to the 1980's being one of a range available from this manufacturer.